Dear advertisers!

"Advertising is the driving force of progress" - this statement is well known for a long time.

Choosing a basic advertising method, first of all, you pay special attention to features of business and psychology of potential buyers, the routes of their movement, their leisure, their trust in whatever sources of information.
As for business in Phuket, the TV-advertising is the best way to attract a large number of customers in a short time. If your business is focused on the Russian-speaking people, the ads on the Russian Phuket TV is the great opportunity to increase profits by tens of times.

Why Russian Phuket TV?

- We already have a project to increase interest in your business.
- We have a flexible pricing policy for the production and broadcasting of television advertising.
- We offer you the best time from 7.00 am to 24.00 to show your advertising. And prime time also (on request).
- We can be found on the territory of island - in cable networks, all over Thailand - Online, around the world - in iptv boxes. Free application of our channel is also available for smartphones and tablets based on Android and iOS and PC based on Windows or Mac.

Why is TV advertising?

  • It has got a high emotional conviction unlike radio, newspapers and magazines.
  • In a few seconds TV advertising creates steady and definite attitude to the service or product. In other words, the viewer (whether tourist or local resident) immediately understands and marks that he exactly saw the TV-ads of YOUR product. Then he will look for a PRODUCT talking to the guide, a taxi driver, or by calling the phone from the video.
  • Advertisement on Russian Phuket TV is the most emotional and entertaining form of ads on the Phuket island. Its memorability higher than other marketing tools have in several times.

If you want to attract more Russian-speaking customers and you are interested in advertising on the Russian Phuket TV, complete the form below.

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